What is makerspace?

what is makerspace?

The provided components include microprocessors, a wide range of different sensors and actuators, as well as access to advanced lab equipment as 3D-printers, laser cutter and CNC-machine.

Signature Makerspace provide tutorials on how to get started with the most basic, as how to connect and write your first Arduino program. As well as a tutorial for communicating with Arduino through Simulink, which makes it possible to write your Arduino code graphically. This is a very intuitive and pleasant way of programming, and maybe even easier to understand if you're new to programming. If your project involves a lot of heavy mathematics, the tutorial on communicating with Arduino through MATLAB might be of interest.

If you are wondering what you could build at Makerspace, take a look at the demo-projects, or other submitted Makerspace project. Also, check out GreatScott's channel on Youtube, this guy is a really good source for inspiration.

Opening times

Wendsday - 16:00-19:00

At Mekatronikklabben D2036