Demo Projects

Need some inspiration? Check out the GreatScott!


Three-Wheeled Holonomic Robot

The three-wheeled holonomic robot is built and programmed exclusively from resources available at Signature MakerSpace.

The coding of the robot is done through MATLAB Simulink on an Arduino Uno, and the framework is constructed of acrylics using the laser cutter available in the mechatronics lab.


Simple Robotic Hand

The report describes the development and design of a simple, light and compact robotic hand that uses servo motors to mimic hand gestures. The program is developed in Arduino’s IDE, and compiled to run on a Arduino UNO R3 development board

Simple_Robotic_hand - Sondre Johnsen.pdf

Simple Temperature Reader

The idea behind the project was to create a prototype for a basic temperature sensor, which could display its readings onto a 16x2 LCD screen. Other features of the Arduino board were also explored during development.

Temperature reader project - Lyubomir Hristov.pdf

Electric Mountain Board

The report describes the development and design of an electric mountain board.

Untitled - Magnus Kjelland.pdf

Bluetooth Controlled Door Lock

The report describes the development and design of a bluetooth controlled doorlock, to bring an old Ford Escort into the 21st century!

Bluetooth styrt låsemekanisme.docx