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University of Agder, Grimstad

What is makerspace?

Learning by Doing

Signature Makerspace, a place where the University of Agder encourage students to engage themselves in the practical part of the education, in an open-source environment, where students educate each others.

The University provide the students with the necessary basic equipment and knowledge, to start creating and realizing their ideas.

The pilots of Makerspace is available for guidance every Wednesday, between 16:00 and 19:00 at the Mekatronikk Lab. You can get help and trained in operating the lab equipment, help with CAD or programming and get the parts you need for you project. For more info go here.

Pictures from or lab and recent projects!

Latest news and info

Wendsday = UiA MAKERSPACE! (7/9-22)

Another Wednesday is here and yet another Makerspace day! We will be open from 16:00 to 19:00 on the Mechatronics lab, helping you out with your latest project. As you may notice, we have increased our opening time with one hour, so now you may enjoy even longer sessions.

We have started to receive even more of the long wanted components, so if you are waiting for parts, the odds are increased. If you have any questions, you may ask them on messenger or mail! See you there!

Available lab equipment

Listed below are the available lab equipment the students got free access to. If needed, the pilots of Makerspace will be available for guidance every Wednesday, between 16:00 and 19:00.


Four Ultimaker of different kinds and three Creality CR-10S Pro v2 are at disposal for the students. Information about the available 3D-printers can be found here.

3D-printers are not very difficult to use, however there are some experiences required for printing good working parts. Do you want an introduction and/or some support the first timed (or second (or third)), just come by a Wendsday and we will be more than happy to help you out!

Laser Cutter

The Laser Cutter can be used by the students to engrave or cut both wood and plexi-glass.

The laser-cuter are a some of intuitive machine to use, when you first get used to it curiosities. It will cutt through a wide range of materials, but the settings are not bulidt in too the system and has to be known by the operator. For some information about the recomended settings for different materials go to this site.


The CNC machine is available for the students to use freely, to mill out acryl or metal components for their projects.

The CNC-machine are a bit more difficult to use and there are little leeway if something does wrong. It is therfore strongly recomended to learn the basic before venturing out on your own. There will be posted some verified settings on this page as more experience is collected.

Point Welder

The Point Welder can be used to assemble custom made battery packs.