New Project

Want to learn basic maker-stuff whitout starting from scratch?

TRY A DEMO Project!

New to Makerspace or just want to learn some basic makerstuff?

On the Demo Projects page, you will find a collection of introduction projects to a range of different introduction projects which you can try on Makerspace.

Want to learn how to program an Arduino board? Try our car project! Want to learn how to control an autonomous drone or look into what later projects in Mechatronic bachelor looks like? Try our Drone-rigg project.

This project do not enquire a project report or a video clip. Just pure fun and learning for you! Too start a demo project, fill out the project form here and write the name of your selected demo project in title description.

Do you have a cool project you want to build?

Starting a new Project?

Below are some requirements that needs to be fulfilled in order to get access to the available components.

1. The project needs to be documented as a short technical report of a couple of pages.

2. Make a short video-clip of 2 minutes, demonstrating the functionality of the project.

To start a project, fill out the form. The component catalogue can be found here.

You can pick up you components in the opening hours of Makerspace.


There are not many limitations when it comes to the price of the components in general, but there are one.

If one of the components needed for your project has a value of more than NOK 100 - 200, there is a higher requirement.

The project description need show some innovation compared to previously started projects, and the pilots of Signature Makerspace will make an assessment to see if UiA are willing to contribute or not with the components.