Make your own 3d-printer

Makerspace have been gifted some old 3D-printers for remakeing. Do you want too make your own printer based on a solid farme with a prebuildt case? Or maybe you are dreaming of a CNC-machine? Now you have the opertunity.

The cube

The Cube printer is the printer first installed on Makerspace. The frame is made of aluminium and with a quite nice and stylish surrounding case. This is a quality part, which is sad to throw away. On the other side, the computer card and the nozzle are quite out of date and rubbish.

In the spirit of reusing things, we are looking for a student who wants too upgrade the needed components of the machine, and create a working machine again. It can be a 3D-prinnter, but there are nothing wrong in repurposing it as an CNC-machine or even a lazer-ingraver if thats your dream piece of equipment.

This project is in the higher price class, so it is important that you take the project all the way and finish it. After the end report and a video showing off your awesome new quality machine, the machine will be yours to clamin and bring home.

There are five old printers available, so first come, first served. The application are to be found in the "start a new project" tab, and under the demo project section. Some experience with 3D-printing machines are adviced for this project.