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University of Agder, Grimstad

What is makerspace?

Learning by Doing

Signature Makerspace, a place where the University of Agder encourage students to engage themselves in the practical part of the education, in an open-source environment, where students educate each others.

The University provide the students with the necessary basic equipment and knowledge, to start creating and realizing their ideas.

The provided components include microprocessors, a wide range of different sensors and actuators, as well as access to advanced lab equipment as 3D-printers, laser cutter and CNC-machine.

Signature Makerspace provide tutorials on how to get started with the most basic, as how to connect and write your first Arduino program. As well as a tutorial for communicating with Arduino through Simulink, which makes it possible to write your Arduino code graphically. This is a very intuitive and pleasant way of programming, and maybe even easier to understand if you're new to programming. If your project involves a lot of heavy mathematics, the tutorial on communicating with Arduino through MATLAB might be of interest.

If you are wondering what you could build at Makerspace, take a look at the demo-projects, or other submitted Makerspace project. Also, check out GreatScott's channel on Youtube, this guy is a really good source for inspiration.

Available lab equipment

Listed below are the available lab equipment the students got free access to. If needed, the pilots of Makerspace will be available for guidance every Wednesday, between 16:00 and 18:00


The CNC machine is available for the students to use freely, to mill out metal components for their projects.


Four Ultimaker of different kinds are at the disposal for the students. Information about the available 3D-printers can be found here.

Laser Cutter

The Laser Cutter can be used by the students to engrave or cut, both wood and plexi-glass.

Point Welder

The Point Welder can be used to assemble custom made battery packs.